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BS&B's comprehensive range of sanitary rupture disks (bursting discs), holders, and fittings has been specially designed with a uniformly smooth internal finish in non-contaminating materials for overpressure protection in sanitary/aseptic applications. The Bio-Saf range meets the demanding sanitary criteria necessary in today's pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food processing industries.
All BS&B sanitary disk holders and fittings are designed with a standard sanitary clamp configuration to permit easy and fast disk installation. The holders may be connected to other sanitary tubing or fittings using standard clamps and sanitary gaskets. Holders and fittings are also available with butt, tank weld end connections or a flush mounted option.

Surface Finish

Our standard surface finish on rupture disk (bursting disc) holders and fittings is 20~25Ra on all wetted parts. Polishing or electropolishing is used to meet customer special requirements.

Reverse Buckling and Composite Disk Nomenclature

Reverse buckling and composite disks are offered in type -S or type -ST (e.g. RLS-S, RLS-ST) to permit the use of a smaller sanitary connection.

Manufacturing Range of Reverse Buckling Disks

All reverse bucking disks may be offered with a 0%, 5% or 10% manufacturing range. The range is applied to the minus side of the requested burst pressure.
Example: If a disk is ordered with 75 psig (5.17 barg burst pressure and a 10% manufacturing range, it will be tagged at a burst pressure between 67.5 psig (4.65 barg) and 75 psig (5.17 barg).

Burst Tolerance of Reverse Buckling Disks

Burst tolerance is the maximum variation from the tagged burst pressure.
Disk tagged above 40 psig/2.76 barg.................... ±5%
Disk tagged at 40 psig/2.76 barg and below.......... ±2 psig/0.138 barg

Consult BS&B for alternative clamp size options and height dimensions.

VSP & VSE Explosion Vents

Explosion vents protect against damage in the event of deflagrations of combustible materials. These explosion vents of single section steel construction are supplied with a smooth internal surface finish. Solid white silicone gaskets are fixed to the vent flange area and FDA approved RTV sealing material applied to the vent perimeter to achieve a sanitary/aseptic construction.
The vents are available in a wide range of sizes in either circular or rectangular designs. For more information, see catalog 77-8015.
Typical equipment protected includes silos, spray dryers, dust collectors conveyors.

SAS Sanitary Alert Sensor

The SAS Sanitary Alert Sensor provides immediate warning of a ruptured disk when used with a BS&B Burst Disk Monitor (Catalog 77-1009) or other suitable electrical equipment. The sensor is supplied with gaskets for installation between sanitary fittings on the downstream side of the rupture disk (bursting disc). Gasket materials available are Viton (white or black), EPDM (white or black) and silicone. Leaking disk detection is also available, contact BS&B for details.
The sensor is classified as a simple apparatus, and is suitable for use in hazardous locations provided it is used with other certified electrical apparatus (i.e. a Zener barrier) and properly installed and maintained. Maximum voltage 24Vdc. Maximum current 500mA.

Sanitary Clamps & Accessories

BS&B rupture disks (bursting discs) are installed between sanitary holder fittings and fixed in position using Tri-Clover clamp model 13 MHHS (or equivalent) with hexagonal torque nut. A two-piece high pressure clamp model 13 MHP will be used with high burst pressure disks. Spool, tank or butt weld ferrule accessories are available.


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  • 德而行(上海)工业自动化有限公司

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  • 德而行(上海)工业自动化有限公司



  • 德而行(上海)工业自动化有限公司


  • 德而行(上海)工业自动化有限公司



  • 德而行(上海)工业自动化有限公司


  • 德而行(上海)工业自动化有限公司


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